Pregnancy Program monthly

$197.00 / month for 3 months

Through the program I will teach you what foods and nutrients to focus on in each trimester to support your baby’s development as well as which ones will support your mental and physical health as a mom. You will learn about prenatal vitamins, how to ease your pregnancy symptoms and ways to prepare for labor, delivery and recovery.

You will get access to not only the program but also access to our community group, our biweekly Q/A zoom calls and guest speakers from birth workers across the board, all here to answer your questions.

If you would like to upgrade to the VIP program to get access to all of the above AND a deep dive session going into your specific diet and needs as well as voxer support Monday-Thursday, click here



This program is made to help you  have a less-stressed and healthy pregnancy!



If you are tired of looking up what you are supposed to eat or avoid,

If you are ready to ease your pregnancy symptoms,

If you want to prepare for labor/delivery and a healthy postpartum recovery

If you are seeking support and community on your motherhood journey,

Our Pregnancy Practice Program is for you!


The great thing about this program is that no matter what time zone you are in, what your schedule is like, you can access the material at a time that works for you and send in questions as you think of them giving you more time to focus on YOU and this exciting experience and less time stressing. This program is also wonderful as you will be building and connecting with a community of moms who are going through similar experiences as you.


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