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Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Understand the basics about your nutritional needs throughout pregnancy with our Pregnancy Guide for the Well Fed Mama.  Knowing where to focus when it comes to your prenatal vitamins, foods for each trimester and more  will not only empower you throughout pregnancy but also create a less stressed experience.

Are you ready to feel confident and empowered by your choices this pregnancy? If so, our Thrive Throughout Pregnancy Course is for you! Through this course you will learn what foods and nutrients to focus on in each trimester to support your baby’s development as well as your mental and physical health as a mom. You will learn about prenatal vitamins, how to ease your pregnancy symptoms and ways to prepare for labor, delivery and recovery.

Nausea Masterclass

Are you experiencing Nausea or Morning Sickness? You are not alone Mama. Although this is a very common pregnancy symptom, there are many tips and tricks we can implement into our diet and daily routine to ease or prevent nausea from happening.

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Postpartum Nutrition Guide

The Postpartum Nutrition Guide for the Well Fed Mama is the guide all mamas wish they had. Gently covering the best tips to fuel your body and get you feeling your best in this new season of life.

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Macro Guide and Coaching

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Now introducing our macro starter bundle where you will learn how to fuel your body based on your individual needs! We cover the role macro’s play in your health goals and the best way to implement them into your daily routine. 

If you are looking for more intensive support throughout your pregnancy journey, take a look at our  VIP Pregnancy Program!


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