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Nutritional know-how for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Our vision at Heartfed is to fill the gap between standard medical care and the actual pregnancy and postpartum experience. We work with women pursuing a healthy journey for themselves and their baby, rooted in nutritional science, practical changes, and thoughtful support.

Understand the basics about your nutritional needs throughout pregnancy with our Pregnancy Guide for the Well Fed Mama.  Knowing where to focus when it comes to your prenatal vitamins, foods for each trimester and more  will not only empower you throughout pregnancy but also create a less stressed experience. 

Postpartum Nutrition Guide

The Postpartum Nutrition Guide for the Well Fed Mama is the guide all mamas wish they had. Gently covering the best tips to fuel your body and get you feeling your best in this new season of life.

Are you ready to feel confident and empowered by your choices this pregnancy? If so, our Pregnancy Program is for you! Through this program you will learn what foods and nutrients to focus on in each trimester to support your baby’s development as well as your mental and physical health as a mom. You will learn about prenatal vitamins, how to ease your pregnancy symptoms and ways to prepare for labor, delivery and recovery.

Our Pregnancy Program is for YOU if….

  • You are ready to feel empowered in your pregnancy with evidence based information to make decisions around your food/beverage choices!

  • You are ready to set your baby up for a healthy start to their future!

  • You are ready to ease your pregnancy symptoms!

  • You want to feel confident going into labor and delivery! 

  • You are ready to set yourself up for a healthy and strong postpartum recovery!

  • You are seeking support and community on your motherhood journey!

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Our new Heartfed Gift Card allows you to buy a custom gift card in any value for yourself OR gift it to another special woman in your life! Click the button below to be taken to our Gift Card Checkout Page where you can claim yours! 


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Are you not at a time in your life right now where you could benefit from Heartfed services but want to help other women who are? You can make a donation of your choice to help us reach more women in need & subsidize the costs of their most needed services!

Have you been googling answers during your pregnancy? Asking, what should I eat? Why won’t my morning sickness go away? Is my baby getting everything they need from me? Well the pain is over! We have created a course to take the googling out of this exciting time in your life!

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