VIP Pregnancy Program

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Welcome to our VIP Pregnancy Program! We are so excitd to share with you the ins-and -outs of our program in order to keep you thriving and nourished throughout your motherhood journey. Let’s start with the basics….

  • 3 month program 
  • Includes a one hour deep dive consultation
  • Includes biweekly 30 minute check ins
  • Includes access to our Thrive Throughout Pregnancy Course
  • Includes daily voxer support

DEEP DIVE: During our deep dive we will go over your intake for which includes; health history, current symptoms, current food intake and questions/concerns you have at your specific stage of pregnancy. You will leave with tips and recommendations in regards to your food intake, prenatal vitamins and more. 

BIWEEKLY Check ins: At the end of our initial consultation we will find a time that works best to book our 30 minute follow up appointments. During these appointments we will check in on past recommendations, answer new questions and share new recommendations as your nutrient demands change from one stage to the next. 

Thrive Throughout Pregnancy Program: You will have 3 months of access to our course which includes the nitty gritty details of each trimesters nutritional needs, digestive changes, symptom relief steps, recipes, recovery supports and so much more!

Voxer: Voxer will be used as an additional app to help support you between check-ins. Think of it as direct access to me whenever you are needing a little extra love 🙂 

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