Our vision at Heartfed is to fill the gap between standard medical care and the true nutritional needs throughout the pregnancy and postpartum experience. We work with women pursuing a healthy journey for themselves and their baby, rooted in nutritional science, practical changes, and thoughtful support.

What Makes Heartfed Special

Individualized Recommendations

At Heartfed we create individualized recommendations that meet YOUR specific health and lifestyle needs. This includes specific recommendations and additions for those who are experiencing specific symptoms such as: nausea, fatigue, edema, etc. and those that follow specific diets such as; vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, etc. We also take into account food preferences, aversions, and family favorites.

Crucial Trimester Nutrients

Throughout each stage of pregnancy you and your baby need specific nutrients to help decrease risk of neural tube defects, promote brain development, strengthen your microbiome(s) and prepare for recovery. Together we will go over specific foods that meet your individual nutrient needs as well as their benefits for baby. This includes bone development, facial features, organ development, microbiome health, and more. We will take into account your food preferences, aversions, and possible deficiencies based on your health history and current diet. From the first to the fourth trimester, we will be supporting your overall health. Certain nutrients will need to be increased based on your health history, symptoms, labor experience, diet, and choice of breastfeeding or formula feeding in the postpartum stages. Together we will go over the crucial nutrients and which forms are most absorbable.

Protocols For Symptoms

There are many symptoms that can come and go, or come and stay throughout pregnancy. Together we work to implement natural protocols to prevent and/or manage symptoms. We utilize food, movement, and supplements when needed to help with symptoms such as: nausea, morning sickness, edema, GBS+, low immunity, hemorrhoids, fatigue, stress, insomnia, gestational diabetes and more.

Preparing For Postpartum

We want your labor to be a positive experience and this is more likely when you feel supported, empowered, and prepared. Knowing what nutrients are needed to help keep your strength for labor, optimize your babies health, and ease your recovery are all part of your sessions with Heartfed. We go into detail about eating and drinking during labor as well as alternative options. Studies show that nourishing your body before and during labor decreases the likelihood of intervention as well.

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