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3 Meals to Prepare for Postpartum

The more we can pour into our own hearts and needs, the more we are prepared to fill up our kiddos lives with love, joy, patience, and true presence.

We spend a lot time reading and taking classes on pregnancy and birth but little to no time on the postpartum period. What is this about? I mean, Mama’s, our recovery is important too! Although there are many items we can have in place to prepare for postpartum, today we are going to focus on how preparing a few foods ahead of time can support recovery and give you more time to focus on bonding with your little one. Because, as a reminder, the more nourished and healthy we feel, the more we can give to our baby both mentally and physically.

During the postpartum period we want to focus on foods that promote rest, repair, and nourishment. These include liquids, warm foods, and easily digestible nutrients.

We are focusing on foods that promote healing, aid in digestion, nourish breastmilk, and provide energy for the Mama.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of the greatest options you can have at your house postpartum. This is because it is SO versatile. It is in comparison to the little black dress in your closet… can used for almost any occasion depending on how you want to dress it. You can use it to:

~sip on

~ cook rice or pasta

~Any soup

~ Any ramen

~ cook oatmeal

The benefits of bone broth have been celebrated and praised in many cultures who practice traditional postpartum ceremonies. Bone broth is nutrient dense and a great source of collagen.

What is collagen, you ask? Well, collagen is mama’s favorite tool to help with bones, skin, hair, and the my favorite for Mamas…….TISSUE REPAIR. Yes, I am especially looking at you mama’s who may have torn during labor or had a c-section. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I was brutally given, I mean wonderfully blessed, to experience both. Haha. So I hear you, and I am here to share with you the importance of getting those muscles, tissues, and ligaments back into working condition.

Collagen is a protein that builds, rebuilds and repairs our connective tissue.

Although collagen is a key component to why bone broth is beneficial, the warmth of it also promotes circulation which helps support healing during this recovery stage.

Click Here for a recipe

Oat Muffins

YUMMM!!! Pregnant, postpartum, three or ninety three? These are going to become an obsession. At least, that is what has happened in our household. These are packed with nutrient dense ingredients and are also so DELICIOUS!!!! Make a batch for now and freeze a batch (or 3 batches) to take out and defrost during postpartum. They are based with oats, banana, flaxseed, and applesauce.

These nutrients are going to build your nutrient stores back up, help support your digestive system, and nourish your breastmilk for little one.

I, of course, add chocolate chips to mine but you can throw in your favorite berry, nut, or topping. Choose whatever fills that hear of yours!

Click Here for a recipe

Breakfast burritos

Good Morning, rise and shine to another beautiful day. Some of you might need a reminder that it is another day since the last few have felt a little mixed and matched with little sleep and lots of feedings. This will be an easy hack to remind yourself to eat. Remember you need nutrients in order for you little one to get their nutrients.


Preparing a dozen or so breakfast burritos before hand and freezing them will be pure gold on those mornings that you need a little pick me up with little effort. A few tips to make it worth the preparation:

~use the WHOLE egg, don’t take out the yolk. The yolk is the most nutrient dense part.

~add a little greenery. My favorite is spinach but you can throw in arugula, shredded lettuce, bell peppers, green onions, again, whatever brings you joy, DO IT.

~Make it colorful. Although cheese and eggs are better than nothing, I do recommend adding colors to your burrito in addition to the greenery. You can add tomatoes, onions, or broccoli.

Click Here for a recipe.

Sending you love and support. Now get prepping Mama.

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